Electrical Rewiring Roscommon
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Electrical Rewiring Roscommon

Do I need to rewire my house to sell it
  • Fully rewiring your Roscommon house will require all switches, sockets, and fittings to be replaced and require new wiring through the structure of the property.
  • Get your Roscommon property rewired and avoid any risks of electrical fires, due to faulty electrical connections!.
  • Specialising in domestic rewires and electrical repairs in homes accress Roscommon and surrounding areas
  • If you want reliable, affordable and professional whole house rewiring in Roscommon, our professionals will take care of it.
  • During our electrical installation service Roscommon we install full electric systems and fuse boards as well as plug sockets, lighting fixtures, USB ports, and even EV chargers where necessary.
  • Rewiring your Roscommon home involves changing some or all of the components of your home’s electrical installation. This may include your power circuits, fusebox and sockets.

Electrician Roscommon

  • If your circuit breakers trip regularly, this can be a sign that appliances are becoming overloaded with surges of electricity which can be dangerous.
  • From electrical installation through to full house rewire or an office rewire Roscommon
  • As well as offering Roscommon house rewiring services for older properties, we work alongside individuals and construction companies to offer full electrical installations for new builds.
  • Our electricians in Roscommon are able to install new plug sockets, swap one-way switches for two way switches.
  • Our professional, experienced electricians in Roscommon deliver quality workmanship at excellent value.
  • If you find you are struggling with the number of plugs and sockets around the house – a partical rewire Roscommon allows you to add more plug points.
What do i need to rewire my house

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